How To Build A Motorcycle Accident Claim

A motorcycle accident can be traumatizing both physically and mentally. If you were the victim in such a case, it's important to understand how the injury claims process applies to incidents involving bikes. Read on for four key aspects of building a claim case.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Victims of motorcycle accidents can commit one glaring mistake at the beginning. If they don't seek immediate medical attention, that can make it much harder for a motorcycle accident lawyer to justify a claim. A defendant or their insurer might say the claimant can prove the injuries came from the accident. The sooner someone is examined by a doctor after the accident, the better their odds are of pushing an injury claim.

Notably, don't assume an EMT's opinion is good enough. If emergency services don't want to take you to a doctor, then schedule a visit with a practitioner as soon as possible. They can take X-rays and examine you to document possible injuries. Medical reports can provide excellent snapshots of what your physical condition was in the hours following an accident.

Contemporaneous Photos

Medical treatment comes first. However, you should try to get photos of the scene as soon as possible. If you're able to snap some pictures with your phone immediately, do so. If you're not able to get pictures immediately or visit the scene soon after an accident, ask a friend or family member to go take photos right away.

Also, if a towing company hauls off the vehicles, ask the police where they're going. Get pictures of your bike and any vehicles that were involved in the incident. Even if you have to take photos at a salvage yard, they can be very informative.


Likewise, you should take contemporaneous notes. As soon as you feel mentally coherent, write down what your memory of the incident is. Note where you believe the vehicles in relation to each other were at the accident. Also, make notes about lighting conditions, weather, traffic, and other conditions at the time of the incident.

Legal Counsel

Contact a motorcycle accident law firm early in the process, even if you don't believe you're going to pursue a claim. Have a conversation about what happened based on your notes. Send them the photos, as well. A motorcycle accident lawyer can tell you whether you might have a case and how you may pursue a claim.