Waterproof Membrane Systems

Kulin group are specialists in waterproof membranes for Perth, Darwin and regional businesses.

Damage by water and moisture ingress over time can have a severely detrimental effect on the integrity, performance and ongoing service life of a wide variety of structures. Given that the deterioration may occur in differing environments and conditions there is a selection of waterproofing systems and moisture tolerant products available to ensure all performance criteria are met.

Depending upon final requirements, a specified water proofing membrane system may be a “sheet” membrane that can be loose laid, self adhered or torch applied in single and multiple layers, or a “liquid” system that can be roller or spray applied over a prepared substrate in a multiple layers.

The correct selection, installation and application of the specified waterproof membrane system is absolutely critical. The ongoing good performance of the membrane reduces the necessity for costly repairs due to water damage as well as increased maintenance costs due to deteriorating structures.

With access to leading waterproof membrane manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world Kulin Group are able to provide our clients with a superior system for any specific application.

For professional concrete repairs and waterproofing in Perth and WA contact Kulin Group today.