Protective Coatings

Kulin Group are specialists in concrete coatings for Perth and regional industrial and commercial business. Depending on the environment to which concrete and steel are subjected to during service, their deterioration can have a detrimental effect on both structural integrity and environmental compliance. The selection and application of the correct protective coating system can alleviate the impact of failure in a corrosive environment.

Given the wide variety of systems available on the World market, each and every requirement should be considered on a project specific basis to ensure the most appropriate protective product is applied.

With the extensive industry experience of Kulin Group personnel, along with the inclusion of Australian Corrosion Association (ACA) Accredited Coating Inspectors, Kulin Group are able to ensure the most effective protective system is applied to the highest standard and Client requirements.

To discuss you needs when it comes to epoxy floor coating for Perth and WA structures contact Kulin Group now.