Mining, Oil & Gas

Kulin Group has provided services to a wide variety of clients within the mining and oil & gas sectors, supporting the construction of new facilities and the maintenance of existing plants.

Downtime during either the construction or running of such plants can be extremely costly and disruptive. By working closely with with our clients, Kulin Group has been able to effectively provide both campaign works on specific packages during shutdown periods, or if requested the provision of personnel on an ongoing basis that works within the plant as directed by the client.

Some of our most critical works have been undertaken on these sites. Kulin Group has been selected to waterproof the roofs of the Operations Centres at Pluto, Gorgon and Wheatstone LNG Plants, these Buildings are arguably the most important buildings on three of the largest projects to be undertaken in Western Australia. Should there be water ingress into these buildings it would have a costly affect on production. Our proven track record on these projects is testament to both our expertise and capacity to work in a timely and cost effective manner within the oil and gas sector.

Relevant services in which we specialise include:

Shotecrete Repairs in Mine Tunnel

Shotcrete Repairs In Mine Tunnel

Gorgon Gas Porject Acid Tank Bund Lining