Keeping Cottesloe’s Buildings Ship-Shape

With its village atmosphere, golden sands, and rich maritime heritage, Cottesloe is one of the most beautiful areas surrounding Perth. Its terraced lawns, Norfolk Island pines and relaxed western suburbs lifestyle draw admiration from locals and visitors alike. And watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean at Cottesloe beach is one of the most spectacular sights Western Australia has to offer. But this idyllic seaside location presents a challenge for local home and business owners. Salt spray and wind-driven rain can have a corrosive effect on bricks, mortar, plaster, concrete and building foundations.

Installation of Solar Panels at Kulin Group Head Office

Kulin Group is passionate about environmental sustainability, and for many years we have strived to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our ISO 14000 certification is a testament to our environmental commitment. It sets out the framework for our development of effective environmental management systems to achieve the following goals:

  • Minimise the way our operations negatively impact the air, water or land
  • Comply with any relevant environmental legislation
  • Adopt a policy of continuous improvement in our environmental management.

Putting it simply, our company philosophy is “What we do

today affects tomorrow”. It’s why we decided to install a renewable Solar Energy System at Kulin Group’s head office.

We consulted Infinite Energy, a local Western Australian company, to provide advice on our solar energy requirements and which solar energy system would be best for Kulin Group. Infinite Energy analysed our historical power usage and then recommended a 10kW system with an inverter, and the capacity to accommodate additional solar panels if our energy requirements increase in the future.

The new solar energy system is integrated perfectly with our rainwater tanks. Rain is collected from the building’s roof and stored inside the tanks, and then the water is used throughout Kulin Group’s grounds. This system has almost entirely eliminated our reliance on scheme water, reducing our usage of valuable resources and minimising our environmental impact. So whether it’s rain or sunshine, our head office is working hard to help the environment.

The installation of the new solar panels has been a huge success. We were pleased with the entire process including the research and investigation into solar energy systems, liaising with relevant authorities, and the final installation of the solar panels.

We look forward to reducing our carbon footprint even further in the coming years, and we’re proud to be a company committed to asset protection and conservation since 1988.

If you want to work with a specialist contractor who’s committed to environmental sustainability, call Kulin Group on 08 9437 3777 or visit to find out more about us.

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Wheatstone LNG Project: Protective Coating & Joint Sealant Application

Kulin Group was hired by Laing O’Rourke Australia Pty Ltd to install joint sealant to Precast Concrete

elements, concrete pavements and Perlite Concrete, as well as apply an Epoxy System to the Perlite Concrete lined trenches and sumps at a new integrated hydrocarbon processing facility in Onslow, Western Australia.

Laing O’Rourke is a privately owned engineering enterprise, operating in the engineering, construction and asset management industries. The Wheatstone Project facility deals with the production, storage and loading of LNG and condensate. The facility will receive bulk gas, and produce and deliver domestic natural gas.

Kulin Group was contracted to carry out the Specialist Contracting work at the Wheatstone Project. The team installed around 18,000 lineal metres of pavement joint sealant, including repair work to fix damaged concrete edges before applying the sealant onto concrete aprons below the two LNG trains.

Carbon Fibre Install (2)

Balmoral Aged Care Facility Project for Badge Construction

For this project, Kulin Group was hired by Badge Construction to carry out high-end structural strengthening work at Balmoral Aged Care. Badge is a commercial and industrial construction company with 30 years experience working construction projects across Australia. The aim of the work at Balmoral Aged Care was to redesign the internal layout of the architecture and extend the life expectancy of the building. Kulin Group’s task would be to supply and install 450Lm of structural strengthening material to the soffits of the multi-storey building to help the Badge team achieve their objective.

The client originally requested a structural steel system be installed to the building’s slabs. However, Kulin Group advised the Badge team that steel is inflexible, heavy, and difficult to move around a work site. A steel system would take longer to install, and it would also cost the client more. Kulin recommended an ingenious solution – a carbon fibre structural strengthening system. Carbon fibre is lightweight, flexible, and easy to lift or move around a site. On top of this, it’s actually 40% stronger than steel.