Critical Legal Services That A Semi Truck Accident Attorney Provides

Commercial trucks are a common sight on most highways and interstates. Motorists cannot help but encounter them when they drive to and from work or run errands around town.

While most drivers are highly trained and take precautions to avoid wrecks, they are still human and capable of making serious driving mistakes. When you have been in a wreck because of such an error, you can pursue all of your legal rights by hiring an experienced semi-truck accident attorney to represent you.

1. Filing the Insurance Claim

One of the most important rights that you have as a victim in a wreck with a commercial vehicle involves filing a prompt claim against the driver's insurance policy. However, the driver and their employer may not be forthcoming with the policy information. They may even go so far as to say that you are not entitled to it and that your own insurance must cover your damages.

Instead of backing away from making a prompt claim, you can hire a semi-truck accident attorney to obtain the insurance information from you. Your attorney can subpoena that information and then assist you in filing a claim that will cover most or all of your wreck-related damages.

2. Filing a Lawsuit

Even if you file an insurance claim, you still may be left with damages that you cannot cover out of your own pocket. When you hire a semi-truck accident attorney, you can pursue those damages and file a lawsuit, if necessary, to take to court.

Your semi-truck accident attorney can file a lawsuit to recover damages related to your lost income, medical expenses, and even your mental, physical and emotional suffering. If they take the lawsuit to court, your semi-truck accident attorney can argue on your behalf and convince the judge or jury to find in your favor.

Your semi-truck accident attorney can also be an active part of any settlement negotiations. The driver's employer may want to settle the case out of the courtroom. Your lawyer can make sure any amount offered to you is fair and sufficient for what you have had to suffer as a victim.

A semi-truck accident attorney can provide these and other critical legal services for you. They can obtain insurance information to help you make a claim, file a lawsuit, or negotiate a settlement. If you were recently in an accident, contact local legal services to learn more about handling your case.