Why A Waiver For A Motorcycle Event Might Not Hold Up In Court

When you will be riding with other motorcyclists as part of a group event, you may be required to sign a waiver. This waiver states that, by signing it, you acknowledge that there are risks involved in the motorcycle event and that you release the organization behind the event from any liability. However, signing a waiver often does not mean that the event is truly released from liability if they are negligent.

How to Know if the Organizer of the Event Is Liable

The best way to find out if the organizer should be held liable is to speak to a motorcycle accident attorney. The event organizer will still have a duty of care and will need to prevent dangerous events that can be foreseeable. If the organizer breaches this duty and you are injured as a result, you may use this as a justification to seek compensation for your injuries.

The waiver is only able to protect the organizer from unforeseeable dangers. For example, if the activities you are engaging in as a motorcyclist are highly dangerous and you are being directed by the organizer, you may still be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

Examples of Problems That Might Arise

With many motorcycle events, everyone will be riding on a public highway, which might be potentially dangerous. If there is an accident that is beyond the organizer's control, such as a negligent truck driver who strikes your motorcycle, the organizer wouldn't be liable. 

However, if the motorcycle event will be held in a location that is not suitable for motorcyclists to drive or will be held under very extreme weather conditions, the organizer might be held liable for the dangerous situation. Also, if amateurs will be performing stunts, this may be another reason for the organizer to be held liable.

What to Do

If you are not sure if you can hold the event organizer liable for your accident, you will want to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney about what your best legal options are. Waivers can sometimes be successfully contested in court, and you may be able to receive compensation by settling with the organizer.

Even if you are not able to settle with the event organizer, you may be able to receive compensation as long as you are not at fault. For example, if another vehicle struck you, the operator of the vehicle might be held liable.

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