When Your Wallet Feels the Hurt After a Car Accident

It's easy to see how an auto accident can cause victims pain and suffering from their injuries. The pain felt in the wallet, though, might take a bit longer to be recognized. Car accident victims may suffer again once the financial impact of an accident is felt. Read on to find out how a car accident can wreak havoc on a victim's financial situation along with their physical health.

Medical Treatment Costs

Many accident victims that end up needing a doctor's care assume that the at-fault driver's insurance company will cover all medical bills. In most cases, payment of medical expenses is covered by insurance companies. Unfortunately, the way the payments are made may not always be timely or comprehensive. Insurance coverage has limits and many refuse to pay for some treatments. That can leave victims with an unpaid bill. For example, some insurers balk at paying for medical air transportation after an accident. That might leave the victim owing $50,000 or more to the provider.

Lost Income

Many accident victims cannot work after an accident. Some injuries can put victims out of work for days or weeks. In the case of a serious injury, a victim could be out of work for months. That loss of income can quickly become an additional burden on the victim and their family. Also, some accidents are so serious that the victim can never work at their career of choice again. For life-changing injuries that impact future earning potential, an insurance settlement agreement must pay. The only way for victims to be reimbursed for this loss is to seek damages above what the insurer will pay.

Loss of Transportation

Most people depend on their vehicles to get to work, school, to buy food, and to get to medical appointments. When that vehicle is involved in an accident, it might take some time to get things straightened out. Unfortunately, some vehicle owners find out that they still owe on the auto loan after a wreck because of being upside-down on the car loan. You should not be made to suffer from this loss because of a bad driver. Taking legal action is the answer.

No matter what your loss might be, you can seek money damages over and above what the insurer agrees to pay. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about all the ways your financial situation has been impacted by a careless driver.