Be Careful What You Say When Pursuing Social Security Disability Benefits

When filing a Social Security Disability (SSD) claim, what you say when filing your papers can impact whether your claim will be accepted or denied. The decision regarding your SSD claim is based on a lot of information and all of the information presented to the Social Security Administration (SSA) should be looked over by a social security disability attorney.

Having Your Social Security Disability Claim Accepted

When filing your SSD papers, you'll want to be as detailed as possible. This will increase the odds that the administrative law judge will make a decision in your favor. You will want to be open about your symptoms and how they affect your life. Oftentimes, applicants will downplay their symptoms even when they are trying to prove that they should be given SSD benefits.

The Social Security Exam

You may be asked to attend a Social Security examination. This is also referred to as a consultative exam. During this exam, what you say to your doctor is very important because many doctors who perform examinations for Social Security are skeptical of the claims of applicants. However, there are others who may fail to pay close attention to what you tell them because a Social Security exam takes very little of their time and can be a steady source of income.

Make sure to not give the physician more details than necessary. However, you will want to tell the truth, and anything that suggests you're lying can increase the odds that your claim will be denied. 

Your Disability Hearing

If you are asked a question at your disability hearing, you are required to answer it. However, you do not have to volunteer information that is not requested. For example, you do not have to bring up whether you have a criminal history, whether you have a history of substance abuse, whether you have followed your doctor's instructions and whether there are reasons that you might struggle to find work. Any of these statements could be used against you. When you do answer questions, avoid giving the judge vague answers.

Because it's important to be careful what you say when filing a SSD claim, always speak to a Social Security Disability claims lawyer before proceeding. There are different levels of appeals, but statements you made in the past that lead to a claim being denied could also be used against you as you pursue appeals.