How To Find A Lawyer Who Practices Personal Injury Law

To have a chance at winning a personal injury case it's important to hire a lawyer who is well versed in that field. Many law firms have several lawyers who practice in different fields or a single lawyer who has experience in several fields, including personal injury. Doing your research to find the right personal injury lawyer and choosing the right one can have a significant impact on your chances of winning the case.

Here is how to find a lawyer who practices personal injury law that can help you win your case.

Look For Which Side They Represent

The majority of lawyers will represent one side or the other in any given case. You will have lawyers who specialize in representing the plaintiff, the one who is taking the matter to court, and you will have lawyers who represent the defendant, the one accused of the incident. It's important to ensure you hire the appropriate type of lawyer for your case.

Do a search online for personal injury lawyers who represent the side you are on. If you are suing for an injury that occurred at work or during a car accident, you will want a lawyer who focuses on your needs. The same is true if you are the accused in the case.

If their websites or reviews you read online don't give an indication, call them and ask what their expertise is. Although, it's best to hire a lawyer with some information available on their website about all the fields they represent.

Check For Additional Information

It is important to do your research into any law firm you want to choose to represent you. They should provide valuable information about their background, education and the type of law they practice. Narrow down your list to a few law firms you wish to check out further. Then, really take a look at their website. Look for information on their education, what licenses they hold, what law societies they may be a part of, and more.

Look to see how much experience each lawyer has in personal injury law and if possible, how successful they are at winning the case. Do they have experience in your type of injury? Also, contact your state bar association and find out if those lawyers are in good standing.

Schedule A Consultation With Them

Most personal injury lawyers will conduct a consultation for free, at least half an hour or so with new clients. Before you choose one, sit down and ask them relevant questions about their background and law strategy for your particular type of case. Do they tend to try for a settlement, or do they usually opt for a court case?

You should find out what their staff members do for them. Do they have researchers working at the firm? Legal assistants or paralegals to help gather information or who can step in during a court meeting if need be? This can help you find out how prepared and involved in your case they will become.

If you're dealing with a personal injury case, research a reputable law firm in your area.