A Quick Way to Get Compensated After an Accident

Life can be miserable after an accident and it can be hard to imagine that life getting back to normal again. Your injuries may take time to heal and many accident victims are impatient with the progress. At the same time, you may have bills piling up and mounting financial problems as a result of your accident. You want to take action and you want to be properly compensated as soon as possible. Read on to find out about a method your personal injury lawyer can employ to do just that.

Demand Your Compensation

After speaking with a personal injury lawyer, your case will be evaluated for its value. If the other driver was clearly at fault for the wreck, you are owed for several types of damages. Your lawyer needs to let the other side know about your damages and what you expect to be paid for them. They will do this by sending the at-fault driver's insurer what is known as a demand letter. This letter explains why you expect to be paid a certain sum of money for your damages due to the wreck.

Don't Settle for Less

While sending a demand letter is the quickest way to be paid what you deserve, you may receive offers while you are still recuperating. The other driver's insurance company may call you and ask you to participate in a phone interview. They may also offer to send you a check if you do so. Be extremely cautious about this situation. In most cases, insurance offers that come soon after the wreck are not enough to fully cover your needs, regardless of how generous the check seems to be.

You need to know how much you really deserve before you agree and sign an accident release. It's best not to deal with the other insurer at all. Let your personal injury lawyer handle all aspects of communication. If you don't have an attorney yet, just put the adjuster off until you do.

Determine Your Damages

You've heard the term, now here is what damages are actually are. They are the financial payments you deserve as a result of the accident and your resulting injuries. They can include any of the following, though each case is different:

  • Medical treatment costs.
  • Lost wages from your job.
  • Damaged or totaled vehicle.
  • Pain and suffering.

The demand letter contains a list of your applicable damages, the amount you will accept to cover those damages, an assertion that the other driver was at fault for the wreck, and the evidence you have to prove fault and damages. To find out more, speak to a personal injury lawyer that offers auto accident attorney services.